Myopia Control Contact Lenses in Oakville

Soft Contact Lens Therapy

Multifocal soft contact lenses have been used off label for over a decade to slow down myopia progression in children. In 2017, MiSight© daily disposable contact lenses became Health Canada approved for myopia control in children. In 2020 they received FDA approval for use in the US. MiSight© soft contact lenses are simple to wear one-day contact lenses that your child throws away at the end of each day. We have children as young as 8 years of age successfully wearing MiSight© lenses.

How MiSight© Soft Contact Lenses Work

MiSight© contact lenses use AciveControl technology to control how much your child’s prescription changes and how much their eye grows. The centre zone of the contact lens contains your child’s full prescription so they see clearly in the distance. There are two “treatment” zones surrounding the centre that provide the myopia controlling effect.

Other Soft Contact Lens Options.

MiSight© lenses come in a maximum prescription of -6.00D. For children that have prescriptions beyond that we use a lens called NaturalVue© from VTI. This lens has been used for many years in the US and has been available in Canada since the summer of 2020. For children with moderate to higher amounts of astigmatism we can use soft toric multifocal contact lenses (used off label). Our team at Abbey Eye Care will work with you to try and find the best soft contact lens option for controlling your child’s myopia.

Johnson & Johnson Vision Care recently received Health Canada approval for their soft contact lens to help control myopia. The Abiliti© 1-Day Soft Therapeutic Lens was approved in Canada on September 8, 2021. It should be available by the end of 2021 or early 2022. We have not seen the clinical data for this lens but we are excited about it’s potential.