Myopia Control Atropine Therapy in Oakville

Atropine Eye Drop Therapy

Low dose atropine has been used in eye care for over 100 years to help eye doctors view the inside of the eye and treat certain eye conditions. To control myopia, researchers have discovered that low concentration atropine can slow down myopia progression by about 50 – 60% depending on the concentration used. In fact, since 2015 the WHO (World Health Organization) recommends that low concentration atropine be considered as a potential first line treatment for myopia. Low concentration atropine needs to be compounded by a pharmacist. The drops are taken once per day at night before bed.

Are Atropine Eye Drops Safe?

Low dose atropine eye drops are extremely safe with very few adverse events reported to date. Some children experience mild light sensitivity and or near focusing issues. These tend to be mild and can be reduced by wearing transition eye glasses and or progressive lenses.

When Do We Typically Use Atropine?

We don’t use atropine as a stand alone therapy very often. Most times it is added as a second therapy to myopia control glasses or contact lenses if we are not achieving the prescription control that we would like.